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Economic Cooperation in Agricultural Sector of CIS Countries
EDB Industry Report no. 7. March. The share of agribusiness in GDP in some CIS countries Source: the national statistics agencies of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine The agricultural...
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The CIS Common Power Market
EDB Industry Report no. 3. August. EDB: Almaty. An effective electric-power industry is one of the most important infrastructural bases for economic growth. In turn, developed mechanisms for...
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(2013) EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook
Eurasian Development Bank: Almaty. The Eurasian Development Bank is seven years old this year. It is considered a truly successful Eurasian integration project. With a cumulative investment...
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The Reports of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies, 2012-2018
All the reports published by the EDB Centre for Integration Studies in 2012-2018 can be found HERE In 2011-2018, I was founding  director of the Center for Integration Studies at the...
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