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Formation of Trade Specialization of Kaliningrad Oblast
Lamande, Vincent, Vinokurov, Evgeny (2003) Formirovaniye torgovoy specializacii Kaliningadskoy oblasti [Formation of the Trade Specialization of Kaliningrad Oblast], Voprosy Ekonomiki, 2: 53-63....
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Transit is just a part of it: Kaliningrad and the free movement of people
The paper examines current stand on Kaliningrad transit issue analysing transit documents’ schemes after their implementation in 2003. Policy options for both Russia and the EU on the issue of...
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What Can Replace the Kaliningrad SEZ?
A commentary written for the Kaliningrad Region Experts Development Association. It becomes more evident with the time that the existing SEZ in Kaliningrad will not last for long. Other ideas and...
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Economic Prospects for Kaliningrad: Between EU Enlargement and Russia’s Integration into the World Economy
CEPS WORKING DOCUMENT NO. 201. JUNE 2004 The paper examines the state of Kaliningrad’s economy and trade. The economic crisis that took place in Russia in the 1990s had severe consequences for...
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The Enclave-Specific Vulnerability of Kaliningrad
In: Liuhto K. (ed.) Kaliningrad 2020: its future competitiveness and role in the Baltic Sea economic region, Pan-European Institute, Turku, 56-74. Kaliningrad has been swinging up and down on...
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Kaliningrad transit and visa issues revisited
CEPS Commentary. The first crisis in EU-Russia relations over the ‘Kaliningrad transit’ issue took place in 2002-03, when Lithuania introduced a visa regime. That move provoked strong...
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Bibliography on Kaliningrad
A comprehensive bibliographic collection on Kaliningrad up to 2006....
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L’enclave russe de Kaliningrad: spécificité territoriale et intégration à l’économie mondiale.
[The Russian Enclave of Kaliningrad: Territorial Specificity and Integration Into the World Economy]. A l’éclatement de l’Union Soviétique, la région de Kaliningrad s’est brusquement...
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Kaliningrad: Enclaves and Economic Integration
Vinokurov E. (2007) Kaliningrad: Enclaves and Economic Integration. CEPS, Brussels. When the Soviet Union broke up, Kaliningrad suddenly found itself separated from mainland Russia by new...
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