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Regional Integration Database (RID): Methodology, Composition, and Indicators
Vinokurov E. (ed.), Libman A., Sherov-Ignatiev V. (2014) Regional Integration Database (RID): Methodology, Composition, and Indicators. EDB Centre for Integration Studies Report no. 27. EDB: St....
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Monetary Policy of EAEU Member States: Current Status and Coordination Prospects
Joint Report by the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Eurasian Development Bank. The Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union stipulates the need to deepen economic integration, inter alia,...
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Russian and Kazakhstani Nuclear Energy: Trends in Economic Cooperation
EDB Industry Report no. 11 Developing countries are the main driving force behind the development of nuclear power. The strong political and economic ties between Russia and Kazakhstan could...
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Stock Markets of Russia and Kazakhstan: Prospects of Integration
EDB Industry Report no. 10. This study, conducted by the Eurasian Development Bank with support from the PARTAD, provides an assessment of the prospects and challenges of integration of the...
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Integration Processes in the CIS Telecommunications Sector
EDB Industry Report no. 9. Globalisation of world economy and the increasing transparency of national borders elevated the role of information to a new level; information can provide critical...
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Space Industry in CIS Countries: Prospects of Cooperation
EDB Industry Report no. 8 Space activities evolved from being a product of global scientific and technical progress into its main driving force. Over time, the ultimate technology created for...
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Economic Cooperation in Agricultural Sector of CIS Countries
EDB Industry Report no. 7. March. The share of agribusiness in GDP in some CIS countries Source: the national statistics agencies of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine The agricultural...
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The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in Central Asia
EDB Industry Report no. 6. September Water shortages are considered to represent the main impediment to the development of Central Asian countries both under present-day conditions and for the...
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The EurAsEC International Transport Corridors
EDB Industry Report no. 5. April. EDB: Almaty. Transport is at the heart of an efficiently functioning economy, since it provides an infrastructural basis for sustainable development. In modern...
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