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(2013) EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook

Edited by Evgeny Vinokurov

Eurasian Development Bank: Almaty.

The Eurasian Development Bank is seven years old this year. It is considered a truly successful Eurasian integration project. With a cumulative investment portfolio of $4.7 billion, comprising projects in all six member states, and $1.7 billion equity, the Bank is a well-established financial institution with a mandate to promote investment and trade. EDB also serves regional integration by managing the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund, which is endowed with $8.5 billion.

The EDB’s activities in the region are not limited to financial investments in development and integration. As a true development bank, EDB invests in rigorous and vibrant research with a focus on regional integration. We pay particular attention to providing the global audience with an overview of the quality research done by the EDB experts and our partner institutions. Hence the Eurasian Integration Yearbook, an authoritative volume which has been published by the Bank annually since 2008. This sixth edition of the Yearbook is edited by the EDB Centre for Integration Studies, our in-house centre of excellence on regional integration issues.

The Yearbook is an unprecedented source of information on both deepening and widening of Eurasian integration. In its 16 contributions this volume covers issues from the enlargement of the Customs Union to integrated commodity exchanges to labour migration. I am happy to confirm the EDB’s continued commitment to research on regional integration

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