Evgeny Vinokurov

evgeny Vinokurov

Chief Economist, Eurasian Development Bank.

180 publications, including 16 books, on economic integration, international organizations, macroeconomics, infrastructure, and international cooperation. Authored a theory of enclaves, co-authored the concept of Eurasian continental integration. Ph.D.

Efficient Irrigation and Water Conservation in Central Asia
EDB analysts presented the report at the session “Irrigation and water resources in Central Asia” (EDB Round table “Promoting Sustainable Development in Central Asia”). Video presentation of...
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Interaction of Eurasian and International Financial Institutions
This book builds on theory of authoritarian regionalism and is the first attempt to analyse the interaction of authoritarian regional organizations in Eurasia with their global and regional...
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EDB Macroeconomic Outlook 2023–2025
The Eurasian Development Bank has published its Macroeconomic Outlook for 2023–2025. This analysis summarises economic developments in the Bank’s member states in early 2023 and provides key...
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Cross-Border Public-Private Partnerships
The new report by the EDB outlines the criteria and scope of cross-border PPP projects, evaluates their potential for fostering cross-border infrastructure development in the EAEU, Central Asia, and...
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Global Green Agenda in the Eurasian Region. Eurasian Region on the Global Green Agenda
The new report by the EDB provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and prospects for low-carbon transition in Eurasia, covering EAEU countries, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The analysis...
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Food Security and Agro-Industrial Potential of the Eurasian Region
The EDB’s new analytical report, Food Security and Agro-Industrial Potential of the Eurasian Region, proves that agriculture is a key element of the long-term economic specialization of the...
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