Evgeny Vinokurov

evgeny Vinokurov

Chief Economist, Eurasian Development Bank and Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development.

160 publications, including 15 books, on economic integration, international organizations, macroeconomics, economic development, and international cooperation. Authored a theory of enclaves, co-authored the concept of Eurasian continental integration. Ph.D.

Economic Reality and Prospects of Central Asia Still Not Fully Comprehended
The economic growth of Central Asia, its journey over the last 30 years, and the scale of its recent economic change are impressive. Following a major transformation, Central Asia became a large,...
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2019 – Digital. 2021 – ESG. 2023 – ? A Longer and More Productive Life as the Next Global Priority
Once every couple of years, a new big theme overflows the world – one that surfaces a new megatrend and entirely transforms the global agenda. It happened with digital technologies in 2019, and...
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The International North–South Transport Corridor: Promoting Eurasia’s Intra- and Transcontinental Connectivity
The Eurasian Development Bank has published a new report. The research introduces the idea of a Eurasian transport framework and assesses the potential of the International North–South Transport...
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EDB Macroeconomic Outlook. From Recovery to Sustainable Growth
The Eurasian Development Bank has published its Macroeconomic Outlook for 2022. The analysis summarises economic developments in the Bank’s member states in 2021 and provides key macroeconomic...
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Green Technologies for Eurasia’s Sustainable Future
Joint report by the Eurasian Development Bank and the Global Energy Association The report is prepared by the key international industry experts and young scholars. It contains the results of...
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EDB Monitoring of Mutual Investments
The Eurasian Development Bank has relaunched its flagship analytical project to monitor mutual direct investments by twelve states (CIS countries and Georgia). The project is based on a bottom-up...
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