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Papers on Political Philosophy

The book on Kant's political philosophy and the contemporary discussions on a global political order and two further papers, all in Russian:

The Political Philosophy of Immanuel Kant and the Contemporary Discussions on a Global Political Order  - This book in Russian combines the re-worked thesis and the four dialogues on the philosophy of international Relations. It was published in 2002 by Kaliningrad State University (now Immanuel Kant Russian State University). You should also download the file below, which contains bibliography to the book.

Contents of the monograph  - contents, summaries, and bibliography to the book.

Annotation eng.pdf  - Summary of the book in English.

Avtoreferat of the thesis (PDF) - 30-pages long abstract of the dissertation, published in 2001.

Cantian Character of the Philosophical Theories of Otfried Hoeffe and Wolfgang Kersting - paper in Russian, 2001.

Preliminary Articles of Kant's Eternal Peace.pdf - paper characterizing the preliminary articles in Kant's Zum ewigen Frieden. In Russian, 2000.

Other papers

Next Crisis (Rus).pdf - Newspaper interview on the next possible economic crisis in Russia and Kazakhstan (oil shock of the 2010s). In Russian. August 2010.

University's Idea (Rus).pdf - A short pamphlet in Russian outlining three pillars of three idea of a University - freedom, universality, and morality - with freedom being the principal one.

Kaliningrad should reacquire its previous name, Koenigsberg (in Russian), Kaliningrad should reacquire its previous name, Koenigsberg (in English) - The article argues that Kaliningrad should be given its old name, Koenigsberg. The article was published in the Polemics Section of the Baltic Research 2004.

International Antitrust Law and the WTO (Rus).pdf - Paper in Russian (published in World Economy and International Relations 10/2000). The main issues are the future of International Antitrust Law and the ways it can be developed and institutionalized.

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