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Mapping The Potential EU-EAEU Cooperation Agenda: readmission agreements, visa-free regime, labour migration, mobility of pensions, large-scale educational exchanges, recognition of professional diplomas and certificates
IIASA Working Paper. Despite the severe crisis in the EU-Russia relationship, we think that efforts invested in structuring and mapping a future EU-EAEU rapprochement would be time well spent....
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Regional Integration Database (RID): Methodology, Composition, and Indicators
Vinokurov E. (ed.), Libman A., Sherov-Ignatiev V. (2014) Regional Integration Database (RID): Methodology, Composition, and Indicators. EDB Centre for Integration Studies Report no. 27. EDB: St....
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The EDB System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration: General Findings
UNU-CRIS Working Paper W-2010/6. Regional integration is a process of complex transformation characterised by the intensification of the relationships between countries. It produces new forms of...
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Central Asia in 3D
World Bank, Eurasian Development Bank A billion slum dwellers in the developing world's cities; a billion living within countries' fragile, lagging areas; a billion in nations at the bottom of...
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Regional integration and economic convergence in the post-Soviet space
Libman A., Vinokurov E. (2010) Regional Integration and Economic Convergence in the post-Soviet Space: Experience of the Decade of Growth. MPRA Working Paper. The conceptualization of the...
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Holding Together Regionalism and the Interaction of Functional Bureaucracies
MPRA Working Paper. Final version: Libman A., Vinokurov E. (2012) Holding Together Regionalism and Interaction of Functional Bureaucracies. Review of International Political Economy, 19(5):...
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Is It Really Different? Patterns of Regionalization in the Post-Soviet Asia
Frankfurt School Working Paper 155. Final version: Libman A., Vinokurov E. (2011) Is it really different? Patterns of regionalization in the post-Soviet Central Asia. Post-Communist...
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Knitting Europe and Asia into Eurasia: Kazakhstan's Foreign Economic Policy
World Finance Review, September Over the last decade, Kazakhstan has become one of the most dynamic countries in the world, both in terms of its economic development and foreign relations....
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The Evolution of Kazakhstan’s Position on Relations with Russia in 1991-2010
Vinokurov E. (2010) The Evolution of Kazakhstan’s Position on Relations with Russia in 1991-2010. March. MPRA Working Paper no. 22187. 2009-2010 are marked by a major breakthrough, namely...
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