Home Eurasia Economy of the Eurasian Continent 维诺库罗夫:“一带一路”倡议实现路径:欧亚大陆中北部国家视角的分析,载《俄罗斯东欧中亚研究》的视角


Vinokurov E.

[The Belt and Road Initiative: Looking from the Northern and Central Eurasia Perspective]

Vinokurov E. (2020) 维诺库罗夫:“一带一路”倡议实现路径:欧亚大陆中北部国家视角的分析,载《俄罗斯东欧中亚研究》的视角 [The Belt and Road Initiative: Looking from the Northern and Central Eurasia Perspective]. Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies. Beijing. 2020年第1期.

Countries in Northern and Central Eurasia including its largest economies Russia and Kazakhstan appreciated the potential positive implications of the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the last years, they increasingly embraced various aspects of the BRI, most importantly additional investment and rising volumes of trans-Eurasian transit. The latter, apart from being a lucrative business on its own, should eventually lead to better internal connectivity between inner-Eurasian regions. In this paper we start by providing estimates on the volumes of trans-Eurasian transit as a starting point. Then, we provide an analysis of Northern and Central Eurasian states’ interests and perceptions on the BRI. We complement this analysis by looking into the real and perceived worries of the involved countries. We conclude by looking into the international economic and institutional capacity which is needed to make the BRI even more valuable for Northern and Central Eurasia. 

Key Words: Belt and Road Initiative, Russia, Central Asia, Eurasian Economic Union, transport infrastructure.

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