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Interaction of Eurasian and International Financial Institutions

Vinokurov E. (2023) In: Libman A., Obydenkova A. (eds) Global Governance and Interaction Between International Institutions. Routledge: London.

The paper handles two Eurasian international financial institutions,
the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) and the Eurasian Fund for
Stabilisation and Development (EFSD), focusing on interaction with
their international counterparts, including international financial
organisations and multilateral development banks. We attempt to
explain the reasons behind the choice of partners, modalities of
interactions, underlying incentives and constraints, and varying
dynamics of these two entities. It covers the following questions:
What are the reasons behind the varying dynamics of international
interactions for both institutions? What conditions the choice of
institutions to cooperate with? Which constraints do the Eurasian
institutions face? What is the relation between competition and
complementarity in these interactions? The paper eliminates gaps
in understanding the modalities and dynamics of the EDB and
EFSD’s interaction with their counterparts among international
financial institutions and provides a set of explanations.

The paper has been originally published as Vinokurov E. (2020) Interaction of Eurasian and International Financial Institutions, Post-Communist Economies, https://doi.org/10.1080/14631377.2020.1793588

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