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Evraziyskaya kontinentalnaya integracia [Eurasian Continental Integration]
EDB: Saint Petersburg. In Russian. This monograph analyses integration processes on the Eurasian continent. It considers prospects for and pre-requisites of a successful Eurasian integration and...
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Holding-Together Regionalism: 20 Years of Post-Soviet Integration
Libman A., Vinokurov E. (2012) Holding-Together Integration: 20 Years of the Post-Soviet Integration. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Within a single generation, the post-Soviet...
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Eurasian Integration: Challenges of Transcontinental Regionalism
Vinokurov E., Libman A. (2012) Eurasian Integration: Challenges of Transcontinental Regionalism. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan. This book examines the major economic and political...
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Silk Way Transport Corridors: the Growth Potential of Cargo Flows through the EAEU
EDB Centre for Integration Studies Report no. 49. St. Petersburg: Eurasian Development Bank. This report, prepared with the participation of experts from the Institute of the Economy and Transport...
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The EU-Russia WTO Deal: Balancing Mid-term and Longerterm Growth Prospects?
In any discussion of EU external relations, Russia looms large as the EU’s largest neighbour and the world’s largest gas producer. With Russia now virtually certain to ratify the Kyoto protocol,...
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Kaliningrad in the Framework of EU-Russian Relations: Moving Toward Common Spaces
Chair Interbrew Baillet-Latour Working Paper No.20. 2004. This paper explores the evolvement and change of approaches of both Russia and the EU to the Kaliningrad question over the last decade....
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The Making of the Concept of EU-Russia Common Economic Space
Chair Interbrew Baillet-Latour Working Paper No.22. 2004. The paper starts with the analysis of the negotiation process leading to the adoption of the Concept of the Common Economic Space (CES)...
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Russian Approaches to Integration on the Post-Soviet Space in the 2000s
Palgrave Macmillan, London. Oost-Europa Tijdingen, (5): 2-29. The issue of (re-)integration of the post-Soviet space emerged exactly when new Russia emerged itself. In the mid-2000s,...
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System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration II
This report presents the results of the study performed in 2014 as part of the EDB project “System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration” (SIEI). The study concerns the measurement and analysis...
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